Testimonial By Zahid Ahmed – Kevein Books and Reviews

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I came to know about (Tarun Deep Singh) TDS after reading his book named, ‘What is an Indian?’ I liked the philosophy applied in the book so much that I reached out to him on Face Book and now we both are friends.
Next, I read his second book, ‘The Journey-Traveller With In’. Both of his books are ingrained with a healthy dose of philosophy that most of the modern-day writers shy away from.
What is an Indian’ challenges the people feigning fake nationalism and at the same time teaches us the responsibilities that we are bound to perform towards our nation.
Similarly, ‘The Journey’ takes you deep into the abyss of retrospection and helps you become a good man, over anything else.
His books are like mirrors to our hearts and faces. Amazingly blended with spirituality and philosophy.