Team of Authors have started the Initiative ‘Nanha Likhari‘ (@nanhalikhari) at Instagram.

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‘Nanha Likhari’ stands for ‘Budding Author‘. Their motto is:

“Power to Authors!”

Let us create ‘Reading Revolution’ together

A Platform for Authors to sell their books to Readers!

Opportunity for Readers to buy Author Signed Copy at ‘Lower Price’!

Nanha Likhari‘ helps author’s to:

  • Sell Books.
  • Promote Themselves.
  • Get Their Book’s Reviewed By Book Reviewers.

Following is the ‘List of Books‘ in their Inventory:

Leisure‘ by Author ‘Sanchari Das

@ INR 150.

Author hails from Kolkata.

“Gave Awesome Experience which cannot be explain in words.”



The Journey – Traveller With In’ by Author ‘Tarun Deep Singh@ INR 160

Author Hails from Chandigarh.

“A Soulful Read, highly recommended and grab your copy for Self-Realization.”




Friendship‘ by Author ‘Ansh Agrawal

@ INR 150.

Author hails from Jabalpur.

“Be it your vocabulary or choice of words or depth of means, everything is just great.”



Realization‘ by Author ‘Dr. Prashant Kumar Shukla

@ INR 185

Author Hails from Udaipur.

“Full of feeling and suspense, it touched my heart and soul.”





They Go To Sleep‘ By Author ‘Saugata Chakraborty

@ INR 150

Author Hails from Kolkata.

“12 amazingly crisp short stories that are intriguing and to the point.”



The Caged Tigress‘ By Author ‘Dr. Arundhati Hinge

@ INR 150

Author Hails from Mumbai.

“A unique plot that correlates the freedom of modern women with that of ancient princess.”



Tied Hearts‘ By Author ‘Vikram Singh

@ INR 249

Author Hails from Mumbai

“I found the opening scenes of the book very refreshing. Language used is very easy to understand. Recommended to readers who love romance fiction.”

Love at First Print‘ By Author ‘Tushar Khurana

@ INR 180

Author Hails from Mumbai.

“Varied Emotions are placed nicely, woven into a short story, that has potential to touch heart.”





Pristine Verses‘ by Author ‘Bhavani Krishna

@ INR 150

Author Hails from Chennai.

“It is pure and beautiful book, food for your soul.”