Celebrating ‘Naari Shakti’ with the power of art

By Ayushman Singh Jamwal – Senior News Editor in CNN-News18 and Winner of Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2019

(Published on 3-May-2019)

The Oxford Bookstore in collaboration with Wings of Verse hosted a soulful evening of art titled ‘Conquerors’, honoring the power of women and the many roles they play as nurturers, teachers and leaders.

The event was curated by Wings of Verse founder, poet and CNN-News18 senior news editor Ayushman Jamwal. The evening opened with the recitation of vivid verses by noted poets and performers like Arpan Khosla, Naveen Chourey, Samrudhi Dash, Dr Renu Mishra and Dr Jatinder Bhogal. With the power of poems, the writers presented a profound and creative critique of society and the roles women are trapped in and relegated to. An unshackled woman is a powerful force of nature the world seldom witnesses, but when it does, it moves all of society in the right direction. This powerful message resonated in the verses of the poets.

(Poet Dr Jatinder Bhogal)

The poetry reading was followed by a spirited musical performance by Mantashan 8 member Indian classical music band. They sang verses of Devotee Kabeer, honoring the everyday strength of women, and wooed audiences with their zeal & talent.

(Ayushman With Mantash Group)

The event ended with a riveting debate on women’s reservation chaired by Supreme Court lawyer, writer and activist Avani Bansal. The vibrant debate with proponents, opponents and many viewpoints engaged the entire audience, as it swelled with more and more enthusiastic participants. Avani Bansal said following about event:

“Such events are essential to revitalize debates and discussions on women’s rights, and requires the participation of people from all walks of life. Kudos to Ayushman and Wings of Verse for organizing such a platform for writers and activists.”

(Avni Bansal)

Ayushman thanked everyone with following words:

“Words and good intentions are all that a writer has. Only when united with other artists does a thought and purpose grow into something more significant. That is the mission of Wings of Verse.

(Aysuhman Singh Jamwal)

Wings of Verse holds regular poetry and music symposiums to give artists a platform to promote ideas for a more socially conscious society.