54. Book Review By Zahid Ahmed – Six, Five : By Binary

Book – Six, Five: By Binary – Inspired by Sherlock Holmes’ brilliance

I would love to start the review with cover and title. First off, the cover of the book is simple and does not promise anything heavy inside. But still it looks innocent – especially the image of a boy and a girl with no specific backdrop. First I thought that it is more of a love story than a detective work. The title Six, Five is subjective and even after reading it I couldn’t decipher its meaning. It is a mystery to me and I hope one day either the author or some other reviewers will decode it. Anyway I picked up this book while browsing for Sherlock Holmes collection online, by not judging a book by its cover I went for it.

Like many other college-related novels, this story is not about one or two people, in fact I found it is concerned with many issues that society or college students from. Yes, like banter in the backdrop mini stories of Violet (the girl) and her family, Victor and his sad past, and other characters run equally strong with pushable gusto and momentum. At one point I was finding the mini stories inside more interesting than the actual plots of the detective or crime stories. If you ask me in short, I would say Victor is the lead character – told through the eyes of Violet, who is very much in love with him presumably. And it is Victor who manages and runs Unveil Squad – a sort of part of a college online magazine where he puts up the stories which he investigates. The range of stories he solves range from mild to serious ones…for example the story of Yasmin and Massacre. While Weakness and Zombie land – I found entertaining but not that intense.

So, what’s the basic theme in the book – probably chasing bad guys and keeping the college campus as clean as possible? I would like to remind the story of Yasmin Iqbal was like an assault onto the society that values pride over someone’s life.

Another undertone in the book isl ove story – especially testing of love through circumstances. I happened with Violet and Victor, Casper and Rebecca, even in the story of Yasmin and with someone also.

Narration of the story is very good, in fact fast-paced. Though some of the cases have been stretched unnecessarily, that sounded as someone pulling me with an arm to stand there to greet someone. It was bit forceful. Had it been better if the stories put under the category of short stories with consistent backdrop and common squad of characters. Overall, I found it a satisfying read. It is good that the author has avoided a list of confounding characters.

With no grammatical and typo errors in the book,the writing style of the author is commendable, and with lucid and vibrant narrative the author has given a new lease of credibility.

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