51. Book Review By Zahid Ahmed – 23:59:59: By Sadashiv Pradhan

Book Review  – 23:59:59: by Sadashiv Pradhan – A Thrilling B-school Fiction

There are very few writers that I appreciate personally, and one such is Sadashiv Pradhan. Reasons are, he is brilliant writer, he did complete justice to his debut book, and unlike many new writers he remains grounded and simple. So, it is obvious that I liked his book – 23:59:59 – the title has much to do with time management. I won’t discuss in detail revealing the climax behind this title. But it made all the sense go right when I witnessed it.

Why MBA? That is a general question a stray-gone student asks oneself when he is at the crossroads of life. The story in the book is majorly about MBA students, how they see MBA as an escape to overcome their misery and poverty and peer pressure. But what lies beyond MBA, is also been portrayed beautifully in the book.Cutting the long story short, I would like to say whosoever did MBA and why, or want to do for some specific reason, may pick up this book and weigh and mull their experience and beliefs. In an MBA college life is not just about placements and better jobs and remaining abreast, it is also about how you struggle there for fame, identity, and of course job, and knowledge.

The main character, initially, is Jay. He is simple and loves blogging about football. One day someone comes and incites him about MBA. He gets admission in one of the best B-schools of India. Some more auxiliary characters join him for the rat race i.e. style, b-school culture, job, peer superiority, etc. Among all Jay finds himself quite naïve and ordinary. So, how will he rise up to that stature to be included in the elite list? Read and find out more? I would also like to interrupt and say that other than Jay, you will note Abhimanyu’s struggle and story inspiring.

Everyone comes to MBA college with some random purpose, yes the basic one is to get a good job. However, the route to job is damn treacherous and by delving deep into the story you will find thatthe reasons differ from one aspirant to another. In worst case, some repent getting into a B-school. Anyway, the broader aspect of the book is to debate on Passion vs. Money Minting lust. The author has expounded both the concepts quite well, through the voices of his four to five good characters. If you don’t know how passion and money lust overlap or differ from one another, or how to choose the best for you between the both, this book is definitely for you.

The story has MBA as a concurrent backdrop; however, Sadashiv succeeded in binding all factors into one. The end result is riveting and you may bank on to read his next novel.

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