37. Book Review 8 – How I Topped The Boards And You Can Too!: By Gaurav Sood

Book: How I Topped The Boards And You Can Too!: By Gaurav Sood – Amazing Self Help To Tackle ‘Ghost of Board Examination’

Everyone has a story to tell. What, how and why you want to tell others; defines your character. When I was approached by author to review the book, I was lost in thoughts why he has written this book. Perhaps he wants to brag and just want to add another feather of fame in his illustrious success story. But when I commenced reading the book, I found my perception negated by author’s intention of sharing his success in academics. NDTV News Channel announced his name, he had a big chunk of ‘Success Cake’ and he published this book almost a decade of his success in Board Exam, he could have easily masked his naiveness of teenage. But he did not shy away from sharing it. This suggested me he wants to help students, appearing for board exam, by sharing his experience to fight Stressful Ghost of Board Exam in planned and strategic way driven by passion, proper execution, hard work, smartness and continuous practice. So, I would ask readers to ‘Clap’ for author at this juncture of review.

Book begins with author acceptance of his limitation and boldly saying he was no genius; a reflection of honesty; a motivation for all the average students to make it big in academics. The narration will bring smile especially the way author has described his teenage innocence. Like every teenager music and sports interested him. But he inspires not to lose focus on academics. He being a ‘Tennis Fanatic’ and ‘Roger Federer Worshiper’ used simple analogies to explain the importance to score good marks as they define career. These analogies are not merely ‘Gyan’ or ‘Philosophical Theories’, he backs them with practical examples and various scientific studies published throughout globe in journals. Author has done good homework and solid research too. At one point I got a glimpse of ‘3 Idiots’ where author emphasizes the need of learning, gaining knowledge with pure passion. And he uses words of famous Management Professor in Oxford University. Just remember ‘3 idiots’ was work of fiction and this write up is real! Chapters are concise to the point to avoid confusion. He has covered minute details like what to eat, where to study, when to study; this is fascinating. The summary chapters, what book has to offer, in the end are real ‘Icing on Cake’.

Book is guide answering basic question sets of Why, How, What, Where and When to study to crack the exam. Author has written this with utmost passion and the best possible intention. Well, it is quite rational that not everyone will top by following all best possible strategies. So just want to echo the similar sentiments in the book:

Life is marathon. There is no dearth of peaks. If you miss one that is not an end. Your efforts will not go unrewarded and you have to battle with that optimism till last breath, till you succeed.

Bravo Gaurav! You all must be wandering what is the rating. Well, ideally such books are well above any rating metrics but since I cannot give higher than 5 Stars, so let it be. Very Highly Recommended. God Bless Author for being unselfish and sharing his code of success to help others… Way to Go!

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