36. Book Review 7- Divyastra: By Nimish Tanna

Book – Divyastra: By Nimish Tanna – Fusion of Vedas and Modern Day Science

I would like to thank ARL Literacy Service and Author Nimish Taana for review copy!


Vedas and Scriptures hold the knowledge to the source of power beyond one’s comprehension. And it is fascinating to see Author Nimish Tanna has picked the concept of ‘Divyastra – The Divine Weapon’. He has built the fiction thriller based on the common belief that ‘Divyastras’ have the abilities to cause mass destruction. And one holding them is all powerful. That made me really wonder why we cannot use ‘Their’ power for improving human life. Is ‘Divine’ not blissful?

Author surely deserves applaud that with limited resources he has managed to come up with so much information about ‘Divyastra’ and then compiled it in a book. What was disheartening to see when author’s like Nimish decides to write about magnificent concept they have to rely on articles by Western Authors? Since not much material is being published by Indian Authors on Vedas and scriptures. So, author should give himself ‘Pat on Back’.

Further, author has also conveyed the message that as a seeker we should watch out for individual vulnerabilities; since once we grab mystical powers the chances of using them in positive directions are negated. And we may end up using them only for our selfish purpose to cause more miseries to ourselves and others.

The book begins with gripping story and it had my attention from the beginning since being a science student I love fusion of Vedas and Modern Day Science. I found story being inspired from two main characters of the Hollywood ‘Tony Stark from Iron Man’ and ‘Dr. Gates from National Treasures’ who discovers his family identity by the stories and clues told by his grandfather. Somewhere in the middle I felt that story lost its plot when focus was more on ‘contours of woman body’ and ‘laws of attraction’. I think it was dragged around love story of character. But story picks up again and grips you back. There are subtle hints if caught gives you an idea what will be happening next and that was enjoyable. The ending is good, liked it. But purpose of such ending could have been detailed out.

The books need minor editing corrections. And there was no exchange of ‘Bhramastras’ between Arjun and Karan. It happened between Arjuan and Aswathama in the Epic of Mahabharta. There are few rational glitches which I don’t plan to discuss else the whole plot of story will be revealed. But again to fiction they are acceptable. I have liked the book cover. The language is simple and flow is smooth. I finished the book in few hours since it grips you very nicely. Considering all this I will give 4 Stars to the book.

I think author can plan a sequel since now the main character knows the secret. Can author change it to ‘Shankar Naik – Adventures’ like ‘Lara Croft Series’? Well let us see. Grab a copy and enjoy reading the very good fictional thriller. And Good Luck to Auhor!!!

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