35. Book Review 6 – Men And Dreams: In The Dhauladhar: By Kochery C Shibu

Book Review 6 – Men And Dreams: In The Dhauladhar: By Kochery C Shibu

I have been to Dharamshala and was mesmerized by the snow peaks of Dhauladhar. That’s why I decided to review this book. I was keen to know how author has used Himalayas to weave story around it. And I really liked the way author has used it. Yes, story has men, Dhauladhar Range and dreams of men living or working there to be free from any fear either financial or social. So the concept picked up is great!!!

What made me little confused how Khusru ended up enjoying casual intimacy when he could not see a lady getting violated? How a lady well educated and belonging to good family fell for a Shepherd? Why there was so much detailing of characters who were not much consequential to the main story and that to too late in the story? And why Nanda, The Main Character, was not given an opportunity to use his martial arts to save the day? Could the story have avoided abusive language?

I found the story gripping from the beginning. Multiple stories have been weaved nicely back to main story. The way author has described the plight of labors, their working condition, mindset, behavior and challenges; seems author has spent lots of time with them. Author also manages to chip in with the story of an individual who wants to free himself from tag of being called terrorist. It was like you are watching Love Story of Terrorist, ‘Kala Pathar and Spy movie amalgamated nicely into one.

Based on above points, I believe the story has good potential to be an onscreen script since it offers you action, thrill and romance. In movie I guess that much detailing about character would be removed. Overall a good read. It can be finished with ease in minimal sittings. Language used is simple. Over all I will give book 3.5 stars and story 4 Stars. If you love reading Fiction with some thrill go and grab the book. Happy Reading!!!

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