34. Book Review 5 – Soul Free: By Anirudha Padagi

I would like to begin with the lines of Poem ‘Nomads’ my favorite:

“We are in search of Everything, We are in search of Nothing,

We are in search of Ourselves, We are Nomads, We are Nomads.”

These lines touched me and book took me to a journey through poems of author. I could see him trying to find similar faces in crowd to help him out to find love. But all look strangers and search of love brings pain. He wants to be comforted with love. This does not stop him to find faith behind church and to discover soul via introspection in loneliness. Memory haunts him; dilemma of whether to live in past or present raises many human emotions. He wants to live dreams in reality and seek balance of heart and mind. All this and he still continues his search, his journey. He finds his soul, shatters mirrors of illusions giving rise to many images and he is determined not to give up; he affirms himself that he is destined to live ‘Soul Free’.

Now coming to book, the cover is simple and sky blue is soulful, signifying soul wants to touch endless horizons of ‘Infinite’. Language is simple and words are straight from heart. Readers need to read the book slowly if they really want to enjoy and feel it. Book begins with reference of whisper and ends with whisper so I liked the continuity. But I think poems like Pulling of Trigger, A Drive don’t classify as ‘Soul Free’. They are very mundane. There are few typos and book requires minor editing. Overall a very good read, an effort to find ‘Truth’ is quite visible. The best aspect is no hiding from expressing what is being felt, that is really applaudable. Hence, I will give 4 Stars to the book. Keep Writing, keep exploring your soul as treasures are infinite so what words are limited… God Bless!!!

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