32. Book Review 3 – Silent Sun: By Ayushman Jamwal

Book: Silent Sun By Ayushman Jamwal – Collection of Outstanding Poems

‘Silent Sun’ by Ayushman Jamwal is reflection of human inner dynamics. I am too mortal to add anything over Dr. Lalit Mangotra’s foreword. His words are perfectly apt to describe the author’s writings. But as part of my responsibility I had to do it.

Sun supports life by being dynamic and it is surely not silent. Similarly human mind is not silent. Just focus on few seconds and you will hear all noises; you will experience all types of emotions. Even life is turbulent like waves of ocean sometimes high, sometimes low. So how come ‘Silent Sun’ comes into picture? This is very important to understand how author reaches this realization. This is something I will cover after generic review.

For me all poems are great. Selection of words has quality and why should not they have, considering the credentials of the author. Author has used word like ‘Tethered’, ‘Specter’, ‘Oblivion’ a lot in poems. It seems author is bounded to entities which haunts him. The frequent use of words like ‘Eternity’ and ‘Soul’ shows author’s deep inclination to find ‘Real Truth’. He is not going to give up and determined to find the answers. He asks for grace, kindness and knows that faith and love are his Armour to overcome his fears. Poems also present his patriotic and empathetic side. To feel for women and asking tough questions to society and even Gods is really fascinating. I found the cover of the book inspirational, so inspirational that even my 10 year daughter said following:

“Silent Sun Came To Me, Asking Me to Eat It. I Said, “You Are Hot, How Can I Eat You? You Just Remain Up There to Spread The Light.” And He Said, “I Am Bored Spreading Light, I Want You to be My Light.”

To me poems are not just random reflection of human thoughts but I managed to discover the continuity by Grace of “The One – The Formless”. And that is the integral part of Journey of Consciousness, which I plan to cover next. Kudos to Author! He has unveiled a journey via his words. He has the Grace which he has been seeking in many poems. Here is the flow of poems, A Continuity (The Caps and Bold Words in below paragraph are the crux of each poem. To understand the flow, grab the book which I highly recommend to readers):

“Soul’s self realization journey begins with PAIN and no pain is bigger than loss of dear one’s. Individual finds no solace in addiction and family which is there to support him. He takes refuge in aloofness THINKING of dear one; as no one could answer the questions as the CIVILIZATION is SAVAGE to solace him. Even NATURE could not console him. So he begins the introspection. He goes so deep in his consciousness that he begins to ask ‘AM I NOT CHILD of GOD’? And many such questions begin to appear. He feels like BURNING. He wants ‘RAIN’ to extinguish that fire. He asks GOD TO BE KIND with him so that he can visit all the REALMS to find the answers he has been seeking. His depth invokes angelic beings they visit him but since he is not aware of them and watching them for the first he does not know how to react. The best he can do is to STARE BACK. He sees the DUALITY as he could still feel the pain. He discovers himself partially and being painful he sees himself as BROKEN ANGEL. So much is happening inside him that he wants to express. Fortunate are those who grab pen or paint brush or music to describe it but since the experience is incomplete they consider themselves as LOST ARTIST, asking others to help them FIND LIGHT. Artificiality seems CHAOTIC to them as they want the real light. The confusion inside is manipulated by Latent Ego which tell them you are CONQUEROR and found all the answers. But somewhere he knows that it is not correct and he gathers his resources in form of LOVE and FAITH to rage a war considering himself as WARRIOR. But DEMONS inside human consciousness are too strong to be fought; he bleeds and sees his beautiful soul being hurt in such wars. And he calls it as ‘TRAGIC BEAUTY’. And he realizes he is not yet source of light, he is not Sun but mere mortal ‘THE SILENT SUN’, the title of book. He further realizes that he is not alone to feel same even the INCARNATIONS of God, manifestation in human forms, had to face such journey, though ‘They’ were aware of same. This changes his world too much that he remains unperturbed and FEELS NOTHING. The world seems to be mere image which he has been looking through GLASS WALL. He begins to believe he need to COURT LOVE because to fall in love with Divinity was always his destiny. He has to ensure that his ego FADES AWAY.”

At this very moment I wanted the book to end at high note but I encountered the words of CURSED ROCKSTAR. All this introspection, so much depth in words and so much ability to bring it out why you consider yourself as Cursed One? I want to see higher notes in the next book hence I would give it 4.5 Stars. 0.5 Stars deducted to inspire the author to make us aware of how it feels to be in bliss. Yes you have highlighted the pain and even traveled through it but what after pain?

I wish more power to his words, to his thoughts, to his journey of writing and expression… God Bless!!!

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