31. Book Review 2 – Not Just A Love Story: By Sanchari Das

Book: Not Just A Love Story By Sanchari Das – A Fictional Love Story With Social Message

For benefits of readers, I am not big fan of the Fictional Love Stories. But I still reviewed the book as I was expecting something more from it. I was not looking for pure emotions but for any social messages in the story. Reason, I have reviewed Poetry Collection, Leisure, by same author. And I believed that she has the ability to convey more than just a fictional love story. And yes, I was right. The way author has weaved story around social beliefs, is really great. I guess via a love story author should be able to send the real message to masses especially to youth.

1. Hate The Sin, Not Sinner: Many will believe that this ideology does not hold true in current pragmatic society. So I applaud author’s efforts to boldly put in front of her readers via her story. If a criminal wants to return to main stream he should be given atleast one chance.

2. Orthodox Mentality Against Women: Well, this is not something new in India. But to weave it in story is a nice effort. Author has done well to bring it out and suggesting even well to do and educated families find it difficult to overcome it. ‘Women purification’, I liked the way author has admonished it via her main character.

My Opinion:

Ana, the main character you need to grab the book to know her better.

Rudra justifies his role in the story. But he is just second to main character.

Society may make any one Rebel but family support can channelize that rebel in construction rather than destruction. Youth can harm themselves and others if it explodes so energy has to be imploded to make them constructive. And that’s where I liked the character of Elder Sister. Initially I thought she is submissive but as I progressed I realized her character brings the balance in the story else it could have been outrageous with too many rebels.

Gaurav Jiju plays cameo and you will really enjoy his entry in the story, which later helps Ana to accomplish the mission.

World say eyes don’t lie and the story uses that principle. Well again this reflects that author trust in human emotions and reflects the innocent side of author. But just a caution, in real life it may not happen.

I also really appreciate that writer has not allowed both the main characters to cross the limits in intimacy.

Flow of story is smooth; it is predictable but there are moments where readers should get surprises with the turns in the story. Being a love story there are coincidences and are acceptable. How Ana manages to accomplish her mission looks plausible only in fiction.

I did not like the dragging around City of Agra. And few minor gaps in the story which I leave readers to find out. They are so minor that they even may get unnoticed.

So, if you are looking for Love Story with Social message and some surprises you should grab the book. I will rate the book as 4 Star because of author’s efforts and the way she has tried to weave a lover story with social messages.

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