30. Book Review 1 – The Leisure: By Sanchari Das

Book: Leisure by Sanchari Das – A Collection of Poems

Word ‘Leisure’ got my attention. I was intrigued and wanted to understand what does it mean to poetess? Book starts with nice poem and aptly call ‘Leisure’ as bliss. How many of us wants same in the busy life? It gives a glimpse of various thoughts/action people perceive as ‘Leisure’. Before I begin with my opinion I would like to broadly categorize the poems as following:
1. Human Emotions: Association of a human with parents, friend, nature, beloved all classify as emotions. And poems have described them. It shows poetess has dived deep into human psychology.
2. Nature: Drenching in Rain, waiting for spring, describing beauty of Mother Land, thoughts on various seasons tells me poetess vicinity to mother nature.
3. Social Message: Our actions towards animals, women plight, hard questions to society gives me a glimpse of empathetic side of poetess.
4. Spiritual/philosophy: Inner devils, journey, questions to lord and determined to rise after all the tough times are enough for me to believe that poetess has achieved milestones in spiritual dimension.
My Opinion: Many will call this book as collection of random thoughts. Looking at the structure of book they might but I surely see a pattern in thoughts: struggle, pains, happiness and desire of bliss. That’s how we proceed in action and thought domain. My favorite poems are:
• Adopt A Plant – I have not come across that punch line. We associate term with movable biological forms but not with plants. So I loved the title.
• The Unborn Girl – I am father of daughter and the poem touched me. I am speechless and the poem made me to feel all unborn daughters who might have been destined to reach pinnacle and bring honors for the parents were given no chance to prove their worth.
• Inner Devils – This topic is close to my heart and I loved how she has put it.
• O My Lord! – Only a ‘true seeker’ can ask such questions. Else who cares where God resides. I hope she finds the answers soon.
Considering that poetess represent ‘Youth’ so I would like to see cheerful poems in next collection. Yes, there is pain and she has put efforts to bring it out to the world to understand, how it feels to be alone, being deprived of human touch and then taking up the extreme step. That is one hell of efforts as she would have gone thru same pains and still went ahead bringing them forward. But just highlighting would not help as the sufferer has to fight his/her monsters alone. Till an individual is determined to struggle he cannot be saved, no matter how much he is surrounded by nears and dears. I could see both capability and ability for bringing positivity in her words and there is tremendous potential. Pain is an expression and needed to become painless. But Painless is inspiration. God Bless her words… Amen!!!

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