33. Book Review 4 – Death Of Dreams: By Shruti Agrawal

Book: Death of Dreams By Shruti Agrawal – Collection of Thoughts

I would like to step in shoes of teenager while reviewing this book simply because so called mature people will call it naive. The book is short consisting of author’s personal thoughts based on her observations. I would like to applaud author for her keen observations, ability to give words and present them in a good form. If I go to back to same age I could not give so many words especially to write ups on soul. I could feel the pain but never knew how to bring it out in words. Good to see that author has tried reaching depths of her soul which I personally feel is evading youth in current team. I loved following lines:

Take A Tour With In Soul and Explore Places…

Your Darkness May Consume Me, But I hope That…

These two lines are good enough to judge the depth of author in such age. This may make you wonder that author being a teenager may have just cooked it up. But I will differ and would like to see another set of author’s thoughts to find out if she really experienced it. I am sure with experiences and maturity outcome will be more polished. There are few errors but again I like to review the books on content, message and what kind of feelings they evoke you. And I think book succeeds in that direction. I did not like the title of book. Yes, death is inevitable but I believe dreams never die. Also, death is extreme word and no where in this work I felt that dreams are dying. Book is good effort, good one time read and will surely make readers think. Considering all I will give book 3.5 Stars. Hope to see more writings from author in near future, keep writing, keep expressing… God Bless!!!

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