98. The Gratitude

There will be times when showing gratitude will feel like embarrassment. It is natural and accept it. It will happen since a limit will be reached. A limit of evolution of words, the language, you won’t be able to map words to your emotions or always find the same words. And using same words to express your gratitude for emotions which are growing exponentially every moment may cause embarrassment. But don’t stop since ‘To Whom’ you are expressing gratitude us never moved by mere words. What matters to ‘Him’ is the emotion you can gather to express it. Repeat the same words with more devotion, surrender and gratitude every time. If it is sounds repetition then remind yourself no exam is passed without revising same content. Those who crack it just repeat subject many times and every time the depth is more than previous revision. And if this does not help remember breath is repetition. So don’t feel embarrass when words are repeated to express gratitude.

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