92. Book Review 23 – Marrying Happiness: By Arun Malik

Book Review – Marrying Happiness: By Arun Malik

Man’s character is best judged in ‘Tough Times’ and it is very important to maintain calmness in such times. But how? You need someone to guide you, a repository of experiences to help you sustain in such moments. We all have read that tough times don’t stay forever but still we need assurance. In the middle of struggle we look for hope and piece of knowledge to re-establish the faith that we will go though the ‘worm holes’ of tough time.

And the quotes in the book by author should help a reader with same. I really appreciate the author penning down his experiences and thoughts to help other. Quotes also motivate us to appreciate that we have been blessed with life and wonderful phenomena called ‘love’ by the creator. Book inspires us to treat our fellow beings with love and care and reminds us the famous piece of knowledge from ‘Bhagvad Gita’ that whatever we reap will come back to us.

We need to understand that there is not single dimension to happiness. The happiness can be found in many ways like spending quality time with them, exploring inner self . Author wants us to fill the gaps with family, search in our consciousness to find the unlimited source of happiness.

Well, yes the book can really uplift you but I would have loved to see some concrete example with every quotes. Why I say so? The reason is the intelligence based on rationality and without example people will unfortunately discard it as merely theory. I will give book 4 stars keeping above in mind. Overall a very motivating and inspirational read to push you further in times you need a good friend.

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