84. Sikh: Has Meaning Changed in Digital Era? – Part 2

No matter what, following will never change about Sikh and Sikhism:
Baba Nanak sowed the plant of Sikhism with faith by Hukum – Will of His Prabh. He led by example before He uttered ‘Japji Sahib’. Then He irrigated the germinated seedling with water of NAAM – The Name of The One. He added fertilizers of equality, humbleness and Seva – Selfless Service. He protected the plant from insects of miracle, ‘Karam Kand’. He strengthened plant by inspiring everyone to be part of ‘Saadh Sangat – The Holy Congregation’. He was the guiding light and infused the plant with nutrition of Truth. When He realized the plant is ready He gleefully handed over the plant to Dhan Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji.
Knowledge cannot travel far if it remains only verbal. And Gurbaani uttered by Baba Nanak and to be uttered by following Guru Sahibaan had to be preserved. Gurbaani is not myth, it is experience of Divine. How could Paatshahi 2 would let such Guiding Force to be lost or manipulated in absence of a script. He ensured that Sikh should always remember  philosophy, knowledge, truth in form of Gurbaani be and refer Gurbaani at any moment of his journey to find his purpose. Also, such script should be accessible to anyone, not being confined to few privileged one. And He blessed the eternity with Gurmukhi. He took the control of teaching Gurmukhi to everyone. His involvement in spreading awareness about Gurmukhi sent out a message that no force in this entire cosmos can make Gurmukhi obsolete or impure. Well, Guruji Who Himself was epitome of always obeying to Hukum – Will or Command Of Guru, when realized that such traits have been awakened and has transformed into Divine, He handed over the plant to Dhan Shri Guru Amar Das Ji.
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