83. Sikh: Has Meaning Changed in Digital Era? – Part 1

On the upcoming most auspicious occasion of “Baba Nanak’s Prakash Diwas” mind encountered many thoughts. But one thought which stayed more than usual time span, What does ‘Sikh’ means in digital era? This question is of utmost important considering soon ‘Sikhs’ all over the globe will be celebrating 550 years of ‘Dhan Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s’ ‘Aagman Diwas’. The question to be asked:
“Do A Sikh really need to seek his purpose of existence in ‘Binary Era’?”
Well irrespective of age or era the purpose has to be seeked. But Sikh needs to remember that ‘Akal Purakh’ has blessed all HIS Treasure to ‘HIS Panth’. Where is the treasure?
Paatshahi 10 has said:
… Those who are intrigued to find or meet God, Have to find and discover HIM in Gur Shabad…
Who is creator of all treasures? Well, those who really believe in ‘Gurbaani – Words Of Guru’ will undoubtedly say, ‘ The One, The Formless, True Is HIS Name, The Doer, Neither knows fear nor inculcates fear, Have no enemies, Beyond Time, Above cycles of Birth and Death, Found by Grace Of Guru.’ Once such Lord – Prabh of Baba Nanak is found, what treasure is required. And how could such Lord be found? By attuning, abiding, singing, listening, meditating, contemplating, embracing, being absorbed in Gur Shabad. And ‘Who’ is source of Gur Shabad, “Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji”. So “The Infinite Light, Knowledge” is with us and still Sikh is seeking purpose of existence in very very very limited light and knowledge being offered by rationality, logic and arguments of Computer Age.
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