82. Book Review 22 – The Speaking Stone: By Ratnadip Acharya

Book Review – The Speaking Stone: By Ratnadip Acharya

History is fascinating since it holds so many secrets. Few secrets are held back intentionally and few remains unearthed to be discovered by later generations. And The Speaking Stone falls in the second category. An enthusiast individual in company of would be historian discover an unknown secret lying hidden for a century in the state of Tripura.

I loved the way author has built the story around known facts and geography of Tripura. It really deserves an applaud. And even I spent some time on Net to understand the locations which author has mentioned in the story and to know about the Royal Family around which story has built. That gives solid credibility to the story. The story is built on two eras – Old and Current. I liked the way author has tried to balance between two but I felt author has handled current era story much better than old era story. I could not figure out role of Rabindranath Tagore in the story. I wish Shuva would have been given more opportunities to solve the mystery as she has been expert. This would have made more narration more realistic. Very late in the story you realize who would turn out to be main character. That has both pros and cons. The end leaves you with many questions which I guess could have been handled in much better way. But again that is the risk author has to take as he cannot address all the questions while concluding the story in nice way.

The pace of story is good. It holds you together. This is one of those manuscripts which should look great on screen. I will give 4 stars to the book. It is good exciting read. And author has dared to weave the story with known facts which is awesome. Waiting for next book 🙂

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