81. Bandi Chor Diwas

We would have celebrated ‘Bandi Chor Diwas‘ with devotion and faith. We would have bowed down to ‘Great Guru – Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji‘ and would have expressed our gratitude. We would have shared the photos of ‘Paatshahi 6 – Dhan Shri Guru Har Gobind Ji‘ freeing 52 kings of Fort of Gwalior. And that would have filled us with great zeal that we belong to such legacy where ‘Guru‘ Himself has shown the path, the way of living and Himself led mortal like us from bondage to lower states to higher states of salvation

But the mind is wanderer. And the questions and doubts are its biggest enemies to path of finding peace. Questions can be friend too but what directions they take an individual decided his fate and destiny. Like if questions become doubts, followed by arguments then an individual is bound to damnation. But if questions become curiosity, followed by surrender to faith, then it takes an individual to glory. So, with respect to ‘Bandi Chor Diwas‘ a question which comes to mind: What was so great about this event? And it is followed by series of questions like: What was so special about ‘Chola – Dress’ which Paatshahi 6 wore? It could have been made easily to fulfill the condition of the Emperor to free the kings. This line of questioning, rationality and arguments will lead an individual far from Guru. And once an individual goes for from Guru, his plight will be worse than any human mind can perceive.

So, let us look at event from view point. The ‘very thought’ that: I will not leave the fort; I will not walk out the fort without others who are suffering without any reason, make this event ‘The Noblest of All‘. How many would have thought about others freedom above their freedom? Well, such compassion can only be conceived and executed by ‘True Guru‘. And such thought led Paatshahi 6 to bless ‘Sikh History‘ with ‘Bandi Chor Diwas‘ when prisoners were liberated. And a Sikh of His celebrate it with great devotion.

Further, it was not dress it was ‘Chola Sahib‘. This line of questioning led to faith and faith led to respect of even ‘those artifacts’ which were used by ‘Guru‘. This faith would tell you ‘The Compassion‘ which Guru bestowed. This faith would tell you ‘The Grace‘ which Guru showered on mortals that day. Just think for a moment, ‘The Great Guru‘ Who Himself was a great warrior, Who had support of masses, Who was face of ‘The Formless‘ could have easily forced His way out. But He remained in the Fort and ensured that every one in His Company was saved from treachery. He did not perform miracle but outsmart the cunning regime.

This what makes a Sikh to celebrate ‘Bandi Chor Diwas‘. A day when Dhan Shri Guru Har Gobind Ji taught what a Sikh needs to do. His Sikh has to fight salvation of others. His Sikh has to do it the valor. His Sikh has to remain unperturbed ensuring all are saved from clutches of evil. He showered ‘The Grace‘ and ‘The Gracious Guru‘ that day told His Sikh:

You have My strength; My Grace; My Valor; My Support if you selflessly try to save others from evil. I have shown you the path and you carry out. Go out and ensure no one remains helpless.

Datar Pita! Bless us with Your Courage and we bow down to You for showing us the Path and giving us opportunity to celebrate ‘Bandi Chor Diwas‘ till eternity!

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