77. Book Review 21 – Winter Poems by Sabarna Roy

Book – Winter Poems by Sabarna Roy

Winter Poems is collection of poems depicting loss and death. This is very contradictory to the fact that in India onset of winters bring festive season in India. Poems may look like straight from heart but too much have been weaved around dark emotion. It is interesting to observe that author has penned down dark emotions which is quite rare; seems like the gloominess of winter triggered such feelings and inspired author to pen down them. It is agreeable that winters can break the spirit of an individual but I felt that expression in some poems is too extreme. For me expression is to give hope to the people so that they can overcome the pains of life and few poems succeeds in that direction.

The poems feel more like ‘Dairy Daily Logs’, yes use of prose rather than rhythms of poems. Surely for not light hearts as you may sink deeper into whirlpool of emotions. I will give this book 3 Stars since I wanted to see optimism at the end of every poem coming from an individual who have seen more life than age of most of readers. Youth has to be attuned to positivity and surely we don’t want them to sink deep in dark emotions.

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