75. Book Review By Ahmed – Million Muskmelons by Parag Mahajan

Book Review – Million Muskmelons by Parag Mahajan

When for the first time I heard about a human being lecturing about setting up a human civilization on Mars, my first thought was: is he another overconfident joker. That guy was Elon Musk, and I had no idea that one day he will lead the frontier for the planet earth by bringing in tech innovations like SpaceX and E-car Roadster by Tesla. Since then I read many articles on Elon Musk and sometime back, I got the chance to read this book, which was recommended to me by one of my blogger friends.

Elon Musk is such an entrepreneur that his capabilities not many will abide by. He talks about going to and living in space. He did it with the founding of his company SpaceX – the first successful private company to work in the space transportation field. I wanted to read more about this venture. Why Space? Elon Musk wants to die on Mars and he wants some sort of human settlement there, as it is another Antarctica for him.

He founded SpaceX in 2002 with the objective of reducing the cost of space travel and making possible the colonization of Mars. Today, SpaceX has grown into a leading private aerospace engineering company. When I heard that he played a massive role in launching of PayPal, I was not so impressed, because e-wallets is just another common thing today. However, with his hyper loop technology and some hyper loops running across the world, and one coming to India, between Pune to Mumbai, I was totally into his feet. I got the gut feeling that he is someone whose brilliance cannot be taken lightly. Also, I remember he was the guy smoking weed on one of the podcasts. This shows his temerity. He indeed is a brave man, but unfortunately, so far has had three divorces.

There is a lot that one can know and read about Elon Musk and Twitter is full of gossips about him. Keeping his pesky habits and affairs aside, we should all focus on what he is doing for the climate saving and to make this place (I mean earth) a good home. He is hell bent on wiping out poverty. He is a man with clear and human intentions. I began believing him since a long time. And today, he is a greater source of inspiration for millions of people across the world. Elon is one such guy who will never take defeat easily and always believe in making the comeback.

As I said earlier, he wants to innovate things that put less burden on environment, other than Tesla, his another successful project is Solar City, founded in 2006. That too will make this planet green. What else can you talk about Elon Musk through this book, here is the list: E-car, Solar energy, Hyper Loop, Space, PayPal, Tunnel Boring Company, and OpenAI and Neuralink. He also has plans to overcome the secretive powers of AI that one day will suppress the humans. He is brilliant. That’s why he is called as INTJ entrepreneur. He has mega drive for fulfilling his aims. Guys, you see, there is a lot about Musk. I would recommend you to pick up the book, read it, make notes, and feel the difference in your approach to doing things. But at the same time, I feel that this book is not for all – it is highly restricted to people who want to make something big in their life or who want to achieve something at any cost. Am I someone who is aiming for something great? May be…but this is not the time to reveal the plans, better I work like Musk.

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