74. Is Illusion Sweet?

Rationality is very amazing and makes an individual believe that illusion is sweet. How it happens?Who provides inputs for rational decision making? The answer is all the sense organs. And I guess no matter how many time it is iterated that sense organs are limited still people will stick to pleasures fulfilled by them. So coming back to the question, IS ILLUSION SWEET?

We need to understand and I am sure everyone would agree that every illusion has beginning and an end. Illusion is like an addiction no matter how sweet it looks it injects venom into our consciousness. Yes, this venom is not visible upfront that is our macro existence cannot detect it. We need to realize that at the end of day what is getting infused in our metaphysical existence. It is just venom which will stay with us forever till we decide to throw it out from our existence. This venom leads us to cycle of life and death. It simply means illusion will eventually lead us to death. And being rational individuals can we consider death as sweet?

It is not easy to negate the effects of venom. It has been getting accumulated every moment of physical existence and I am sure no knows how many moments we have lived in this and all the previous lives. No metric can measure the venom. It is present at every level of conscious awareness. And it cannot be erased by our sheer efforts. Yes, we need to seek grace via surrender to get it out of our metaphysical existence.

If still your answer is ‘Yes’ then no one can change you but if your answer is ‘No’ then you will surely like to overcome the illusion.

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