70. On Daughter’s Day

Daughter is a blessing and she is meant to loved more than sons. Why? The answer is she is special gift from ‘The Creator’. Just imagine how the world will look like without daughter; an emotionless place walked upon by emotionless men. Yes, it will be emotionless place. Since there would not be a mother, sister, wife and daughter to share the emotions. I am saying this since being a man I know how well I can handle and share my emotions. Yeah, it is complete mess. I really show my gratitude to ‘The Creator’ for creating female version of ‘Human’. No, this statement is not ‘Lust Driven’ but inspired from gratitude as ‘He’ knows well aloofness can never bring salvation to human existence. A man in aloofness can attain ‘Spiritual Powers’ but he cannot attain completeness as each experience is required to complete him.

Daughter completes the family, ask a father and he will accept it. No matter what society says that son will extend your family name but ask a father he will say ‘Nah, my daughter brings more smile!’ If he denies then he is not understood the peaks and depth of fatherhood. It feels so good when a daughter brings laurel to the family and nation. And I really salute parents who support their daughter. But unfortunately such parents are very few!

When I read real feelings of a woman in form of writing I just wonder, no matter how much woman liberalization we talk about, in some corner of every daughter’s heart I could see the pain. Families may have taken stance to support daughters but still the collective support as society is still lacking. Yes it is else why a daughter wants to become a rebel and wants to prove a point. And once it becomes unstoppable society blames the ‘daughter’ without mulling what led a daughter to such actions. If they have been supported well, loved well, treated well no daughter wants to defile beliefs of family. We need to understand:

“Daughter belongs to all.”

On this day I have received the book “The Girl Who Never Told” by Anuja Pawar.

Well, I could see the feelings of daughter. Her bio on book tells me that she is educated, well supported from family and confident in chasing her dreams/passion. But she opens up her heart with pain. How could this possible? Simply being a daughter she wants to get accepted by society. I really thank her for sharing her writings with me.

Well, does it matter if a daughter succeeds or son? At the end of day both are kids of family, society, nation and human race. I wish all daughters of the world a ‘Happy Daughter’s Day’.

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