69. Probability – Can I be The One?

Mr. Hawkins said, “My presence is just a probability in this universe, real time space”. So I am driven by just mathematical function (the assumption is my outlook, my thoughts, my age and every other thing will be a probability which can be grouped as some probability function), yet to be articulated or discovered. Will that be very complex or as simple as anything? If I happen to discover it, will I be able to understand other’s function? But probability to be effective there has to be some actors, atleast one if not many. So who is that ‘Actor’? I cannot be one since I am just a probability. Well, so does Mr. Hawkins pointing towards some actor who drives everything and Theology calls Him as ‘God’?

Wow! I just cannot believe how a probability can think so much? Like how Mr. Hawkins can think he is a probability if he is just a mathematical equation? That is very impressive. So does it suggest alone probability cannot be enough to define our presence; simply because probability cannot discover probability and then claims to be the same. So what is the probability of such thing to happen perhaps very low and that may explain why geniuses like Hawkins are very rare like one in billion. It makes sense. But again I ask the same question, do certain functions or laws are good enough to describe the orientation of everything we have encountered or will encounter in this life or next or in this universe or the other parallel universe?

So will probability succeed in explaining?

  1. Why Mr. Newton got lucky with apple falling on his head and not his barber or chef?
  2. Why Vasco-Di- Gama discovered India and not Columbus?
  3. Why politicians escape from committing fraud while innocent people are made scapegoats?
  4. Why the fuel prices hike in few months?

Well the question is do we really care about what we are? We cannot answer the questions or resolve the situations which have been created by us. And perhaps Mr. Hawkins has given us good excuse ‘The Probability’. This all is messed up and sounds too complex. All the wirings in my brain are now jumbled up and there probability of breaking down has suddenly gone up. So I should better stop and I will again think about it in case the probability will allow me to do so!

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