67. Meaning of Sanyaas

Sanyaas is not what you think. It is not about leaving everything and go away. Since, who does that is not an accomplisher. He himself is dejected. And who himself is dejected how can he fight for welfare of others. Dejection is weakness as long as it does not strengthen you. It should be practiced to attain strength, that’s all. Once you have acquired enough then its purpose is done. Even if I decide to run away, but where? As long as I am living I cannot leave this planet until science comes up with some miracle in another 20 years.

The sanyaas I am talking about is to live, to perform, and to bear fruits with the detachment. It is like “Dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji sacrificed everything but still “HE” was unmoved. “HE” saw only head of HIS martyred father, unmoved. HE saw pieces of HIS son’s body lying in battlefield, was unmoved. “HE” was commanding a great army even then “HE” was detached. It is something which does not come in from outside, it is something which comes out from inside.

Am I a sanyaasi? Or Shall I take sanyaas in the future? If I am working for the people, am I a sanyaasi? You keep on asking these questions to your self. In this world, to prove your point you have to be credible. Since, the vision of the world is so limited that they want something tangible before they start believing you. That’s why Great Masters have to perform things which are referred as “miracles” in human language.

I can be a sanyaasi if I won’t go anywhere. To take sanyaas means to leave things which are obstacles to the quest. I will leave things which are not part of ideal “Khalsa”. Hence, being a sanyaasi means to leave bad habits. If they are with me, does it matter where I live? Since, they will always be with me. Hence, I have not left anything behind. How can I be a sanyaasi?

Sanyaasi is not who leaves everything but sanyaasi is one whose vision is broad, who remains untouched, and who has gone ahead for the quest of “Truth”. Even dead people leave this world, does it mean all are sanyaasi? The challenge is right here. Who accepts the challenge and remains balanced is sanyaasi. Sanyaasi is one who is in bliss and blissful. If you are aware of yourself you are sanyaasi. Sanyaasi is one who finds time for introspection. Sanyaasi is one who respects other being, who loves other.

Why sanyaas should be a choice and should not be forced? It increases your horizons and you will accept people in whatever state they are. They will be showed right path, they will have knowledge to evolve themselves, and they will help each other to become a better human. Human body is a gate to other world, the blissful one. If everyone would become a sanyaasi (the one who don’t marry and lives in cave, dejected from world), as we generally think, then how the remaining souls will be salvaged. They have to enter human body to achieve salvation. If they won’t how the miseries will end? How the dream of “Great Masters” will be accomplished? It simply means we are selfish, as we are not thinking about other souls and a true sanyaasi is always unselfish.

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