65. Book Review By Ahmed – Not a Different Story by Amy Reads

Book Review – Not a Different Story by Amy Reads

The other day I was searching for some content online about the importance of mother in life. I got to know that kids raised with mother around are more kind and abreast in life than of without ones. It is undeniably fact now that without mother life is totally screwed and scattered. Often people go motherless in the case of someone’s mother’s death or parents separated. But what are the factors that cause one’s mother to forger even about her toddler child and to leave all and go astray. There needs to be reasons? Right? So, for the same I picked up this book. Some reviews stated that the book is laden with intensity and tragedies and other dark elements that can be found in every alternate low to middle-class homes in India.

To me, the novel presented a picture of Indian society where I would like not to born and be brought up. Why people in this segment are so aimless and hollow? Why don’t they believe in giving good life to their kids and other members? Well, the issues are countless, I think only education can lift them up.

I know that according to blurb and all, the lead character is a young college-going girl named Amy. However, I felt otherwise. I found Anshika as the lead character. She was a good girl, then got into a magnificent womanhood, full of beauty and all charm. She has had all the rights to live her life. But she could not be. She could not be a good and successful lover. She could not get into a good marriage. She could not raise her child. Do you know why and who was responsible for all that series of misfortune? You need to read this book.

I found this book teaching us a lesson about life. Don’t waste it. Love your children. Love the women in your life. Don’t deprive children of their mother or sisters for the sake of quenching one’s ego. Ego is a big problem, most of the issues are led by it. Don’t let that happen.

Talking about tragic semblance of the book, yes I found it heart-breaking, I was expecting better ending for the characters with whom I fell in love, sadly that could not happen. This is not a story about unfortunate people, but how good and educated people turn their life into bog by doing silly and bogus things.

The author seemed to be young and full of stories. The way he narrated it and stretched up it to over 250 pages, is a thing of praise. According to my views, I found the book entertaining past midway and it conveyed a powerful message and portrayed something nasty about our core societies that we all hate but at some or other point do it under some circumstances. If you like stories about the structural societies, well then this novel will well suit your mood. Otherwise, also an informative read. You can finish reading it in a few sittings.

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