64. Book Review 19 – The Sublime Truth: By Dr. Shikha Chandel


Book – The Sublime Truth: By Dr. Shikha Chandel

Self-Realization is most difficult task to undertake. It brings words hidden pains, emotions and actions which are buried deep inside the souls for infinite lives. And poems by author is an effort to present them in words. I could see love, pain, sufferings, questions, fear and a quest to find answers to such human emotions. It is not easy to deal with such entities as they tend to tear apart soul. So, I appreciate author to pen down them.

It would seem to you that poems have some random tone. Well, a human soul figuring out path to knowing come across same evil. The mind is worried about everything whether it will reach ‘The Great Void’. That’s why it is called circle; looping around same thoughts. And breaking thru that loop is real ‘Awakening’. It is quite obvious faith will be the key but there are moments where an individual ends up even questioning it. So, a struggle to find ‘Moksha – The Nirvana’ is not easy. You have to break all the bonds and traps you have put yourself in. This is very well depicted by the cover of The Book.

The quality of thoughts is great! Selection of words are more scientific in nature. That’s where words become heavy and you really need to dig in to understand the words. Poems will want your focus; you just could not read this with leisure. And this will be a weak point of book to reach larger audience.

Yes, there is pain but there are moments where pain seems to be replaced by bliss. Author has captured such moments. But such moments have been shadowed by pains again. Writing about wounds will never heal them and one need to rise above them. Well, I will give 4 Stars hoping I could see glimpse of bliss in next collection. Good Luck and keep writing!

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