63. Book Review 18 – Pristine Verses: By Bhavani Krishna

Book – Pristine Verses: By Bhavani Krishna – Poems Depicting Human Emotions

Human is composition of various emotions and to capture them in a words, in form of poems is an art. And Pristine Verses is such effort. I agree with the blurb as poems seems to be inspired from real events. I could see struggle of seed and supports it gets to become a fruit bearing tree and even then poetess advises not to lose faith and remain in gratitude. Well, that’s how spiritual marvels are attained. Then I see aloofness of tree and expression of pain is evident. But I suggest poetess to go beyond the pains since isolation is perfect opportunity for bliss if you keep balance. Such patience will give birth to words and will born the poetess. Poetess being a woman has depicted thoughts and emotions of lady like walking in unknown city, determination to find territory to think independently, different faces of woman and inspires then to be bold. As one bold action can change the course of one’s destiny. Once all the aspects of oneself is discovered the love originates and poetess has described its various form from being passionate to divine. And in such state thoughts of life are bound to occupy like ‘Who Am I’? which turns out to be my favorite poem.

The book has soothing cover of blue which gives an impression that book will soften your heart and it justifies the theme of book. Book is divided into 5 sections. And begins with humble request to ‘Divine Mother’ for Her affection and strength, a perfect beginning to the collection. The poems may sound like description of daily moments but you need to take a breath to understand the depth, emotions and feelings either of pain or struggle or fear or love in those words. It is good to see that poetess had done a fair job in depicting those emotions. I will give 4 Stars as I would like to see ‘Real Emotions’, the bliss in the words rather than just pains or struggles. Keep up the good work Bhavani!!! If you love human emotions in the soft words you will love this book! I recommend this to know emotions from heart of lady and words of poetess 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful review and deep understanding of my words. It means a lot! Taken your suggestions and my next book will fulfil that. Thanks again!

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