61. Thoughts On Sikh Philosophy

Humanity in sheer ignorance has always bowed down to miracle. And who did miracle masses began to worship them. But ‘Baba Nanak’ when uttered ‘The Words’, He wanted humanity to attune to His Guru. He has called Himself ‘Gurmukh – One Who is Attuned To The Guru’ in many of His Shabads. But WHO can be Guru of Dhan Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji? Well, His Guru is ‘The Formless – The One’. In fact He never called Himself worthy of being worshipped, who in this mortal world has ever done that? He just asked everyone to ‘To Recite The One, WHO was true, WHO is True and WHO will always be true’.

And His Grace resulted in such spiritual revolution that a common man who just accepted miracle to be worthy of worshipping, himself became miracle. Common man rose above miracle and when Sikhs of Guru Ghar gleefully sacrificed themselves in Delhi for sake of saving beliefs and faith of others, even made Dhan Shri Guru Teg Bhadur Ji say, ‘Dhan Sikhi – Bravo Sikh of Guru Ghar’.

Was not that miracle? A handful of Common Men peacefully accepting The Tortures of Atrocious Million Army Strong Imperialistic Regime. Perhaps, the first ‘Satyagrah’ of Indian Independence. And they did so because the common men did not surrender to miracle but to The Formless – The One. They listened to ‘Baba Nanak’.

But it did not end here. A common man not worthy of social acceptance got an opportunity to hold the ‘Kirpaan’, which he could never before when Dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji erased all the social and spiritual differences by accepting ‘Amrit’ from common man. Where in human history A Guru or Preacher has been baptised by His Disciples? And it happened because common man, The Sikh Of Guru Ghar, attuned himself to ‘The Lord Of Baba Nanak – The One – The Formless.’

We are mortals, limited by our comprehension and thus we err. We err in judgement and seduced by our senses just believe something out of blue is worthy of our surrender. But we don’t realize following words by Paatshahi 10:

‘Whom so ever call me The God, will burn in Fire of Hell. Just know me the mere servant of Thee – The Formless – The One’.

So bow down to HIM and HIS True Light and not to them who indulge in false practices. In words of Paatshai 10:

“People engage in all kinds of malpractice, perform all type of playful actions, which are just pure evil. They are embarrassment to be called as “Godly People”‘.

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