60. Book Review By Ahmed – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare by Parag Mahajan, MD

Book Review – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare by Parag Mahajan, MD

Human and healthcare are inseparable. Thus, any move in the direction of healthcare is a matter of concern for all humanity, and the same time an occasion of joy if it is ever-beneficial.

Do you believe that trending technologies like robotics, AI, ML are capable of steering the healthcare domain in the favour of humanity and compassion, well then you should read this non-fiction, high on tech knowledge, book by ParagMahajan,who himself is a doctor, MD, and takes interest in blending technology with healthcare.

You must have heard about digital methods entering almost all fields, so do into healthcare and pharmaceutical and medicals. Will the landscape change drastically? Yes, for sure. According to some credible reports, due to medical errors and misdiagnoses millions of lives are lost every year. This can be prevented if AI makes a great entry into healthcare domain, without risking the job of doctors.

So, by now…you must have got the crux of the book. It is a simple book with powerful knowledge inside. The book has some sections on topics, which makes it easy to read and understand.

Also, the author has given numerous examples, scenarios, case studies, assumptions, fact-files, and much more so that we can see how AI can impact the healthcare. It is the power of AI that can transform the healthcare domain completely and bring hopes for millions of people who either lose life in the process or wait for the diagnosis like eternity.

I liked the segment that talks about medical fields such as radiology, ophthalmology, surgery, and many – how they can be improved and delivered with the advent of AI.

Also, the mentioning of possible fears and myths and risks associated with AI are evident enough to prove that this book is not one-sided, it is multi-dimensional. The section on big giants investing in digital healthcare literally gives hopes to millions and motivates people involved into startups for developing healthcare products i.e. apps and all.

In the end, I can say it is more than a textbook, a reference manual, journal, or heavy college textbook – if read with good faith and  energy, this will give you reality check on many topics that seem either distant or remain hidden or which we do not explore.

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