59. Book Review By Ahmed – Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic by Sanju Verma

Book Review By Ahmed – Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic by Sanju Verma

What does non-fiction books convey to us? A story, truth, inspiration, motivation…maybe things that we didn’t know. On the same lines, this book brings us the brilliant work done by Modi-guided government over the years (I mean from 2014 to 2019).

If you ask me to add some lines around this book, I would say it into few phrases, such as, Modiji you have changed the world look at India, the way we transact at many places, you have given value to nationalism. And of course the author has given raw lemons to opposition, who with all might try to go against PM Modi in all circumstances. The worth of the book can be felt by seeing the forwards done by Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadavnis and by various other CEO and Directors of large firms.

The highlight of the book is Modinomics Unplugged – the chapters in this part goes over 15 – and all are profoundly intense and highlighting the work of NaMo. How the lives of people are changing under Modinomics is evident from the stories that I read from the Mudra section. There are other many stories in the book, including #Metoo. While reading my main focus on the book was to procure as many stories possible. I found fewer in the first part, but the second part have had many, including of Amit Shah. After reading that chapter on Amit Shah, I did some research on Google and tried to find more. Otherwise, in the books focused on Narendra Modi, you hardly find mention of other notable leaders. This book tried covering Amit Shah briefly. Funnily, the author has made so much of Congress points that little did she know that she has covered their stories too, maybe unwittingly. So from a story point of view, I found stories of Gandhis as well.

It is strange to know that Modi-led BJP has done a lot for betterment, but in the media there are not event hints. I won’t wonder if some news channel take up this book for showing his feats. But again, will they care, or just TRP matter to them?

Did this book succeeded in capturing the magical moments of Modi-led government of last five years? Perhaps, yes, but somehow I felt that Smartcity concept was missing or have had less light over it. If you care for nation, nationalism, and Indianism, and development, and want to be that change – go nowhere, go through this book, and possibly recommend to it all Modi fans. Even if the people from anti-Modi got hold of this book, they will be forced to change their perceptions.

The author Sanju Verma is an Economist and MBA (Finance) by qualification, who has worked as an ED/MD, in leading Stock Brokerage and Investment Banking firms, including internationally renowned bulge bracket firms. Also, she is a popular columnist and spokes person of BJP at many leading news channels and newspapers. I think she can be represented by the party to speak about the Modi-led dispensation work at all platforms.

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