58. Book Review 17 – The Freedom of Being Human: By Rabjot Singh Isher

Book – The Freedom of Being Human: By Rabjot Singh Isher – Book Offers More Than Fiction

Human is just an infinitesimal aspect of Universe but evolution is humanity is one the most important event in the ‘History of Universe’. Now, how we look at the evolution: an opportunity of ‘Self Realization’ or an opportunity to enjoy senses. That varies with individual to individual. And this variation, even an iota of perturbation, makes individual to act and respond to different situation. And this book highlights such differences in individual’s perception to react to same situations and events.

Human and freedom does not go together, if you are human you are bounded by chains. Just having freedom to execute actions is ‘Superficial Freedom’ since even such actions will result in your doom. And this has been beautifully reflected by author via characters like Anhiti, Yanchit in story. But still you can attain freedom in human body and ‘Tejas Bhatia’ the main character in the story, conveys the message. The conflict between ignorant rational mind and mind with experience is beautifully portrayed. What good is knowledge without experience? Knowledge without experience is just ‘dust’.

Books talk about ‘Caste’ cannot determine your ‘Spiritual Status’; Women is not just piece of flesh and they have to be respected; logics may take you to ‘Everest’ but it is faith which propels you beyond ‘Everest’; words of experiences have much-much strength than words in books; following a ‘Spiritually Blind God Man’ for spiritual conquest is just waste of human life; addiction is just a farce; your sins always return if you are not willing to repent. I can sense the gist of ‘Sikh Philosophy’ in the story.

The flow of story is smooth. Language is easy to read. Book grips you and asks you questions. Writing style is good. And what made me smile that writer has clarity in his mind. To write about such topics in young age, when youth wants just gratification and addiction, is praise worthy. What I liked the most the ability of author to convey deep meanings via fictional story. Kudos Rabjot Singh and I give you 5 Stars for this work! Keep writing, keep inspiring. Don’t forget who you are and what is your purpose!

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