57. Book Review 16 – Back To Square One: By Inderjit Kaur

Book – Back To Square One: By Inderjit Kaur – Short and Brief Self Help Book To Fight Depression (Format – Kindle)

Depression is a silent killer and I appreciate author’s effort to write on such topics. We need to find our own demons. And something which is hidden is always our great enemy. We need to understand that if we are not ready or determined to fight depression no one can help us. So, I applaud that author has shared practices followed by herself to keep depression at bay.

Is it not amazing we need to find silence, a place to introspect to identify the silent killer. Life offers so much and negativity is one of them. And that’s exactly this book ask us to eliminate. We need to gain clarity on our thoughts, need to take charge of ourselves by not mulling events and past which are not in our control. After all people need to be well aware of ‘The Demon’.

Book is divided into two modules. First module, are thoughts of author what all an individual need to overcome it. The chapters may look not connected but in fact they are ingredients to win back a healthy life style. Book give brief on such topics but I guess more depth could have been added. Second module provides a pragmatic tracking approach to know your progress. Hence the book is amalgam of both philosophical theory and pragmatic approach.

It is short read. With simple language. It does make you feel positive and can be picked up for self-help. I will give 3.5 Stars.

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