56. Book Review 15 – The Red Line: By Tanmay Dubey

Book – The Red Line: By Tanmay Dubey – Awesome Espionage Thriller

The Red Line, the name itself triggers some curiosity. And when you start reading the book you feel like it will be another ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in making. But hero ‘Hanumant Singh’ is from Delhi Police. And I loved it simply because why great detectives can come from only western fiction. He is honest cop and determined to prove that his beliefs are not wrong. Beliefs which his father has rooted deep inside man. He struggles in job, in society and even in family to live with that image but eventually comes out a winner, Bravo to author for such characterization. And the best part is, it looks convincing. All the characters are justified in the story and that is work well done by author else some time fictional stories just flutter away from main characters.

The story is great, flow is smooth, weaved very nicely and language is simple! It takes you on ride and how well author has leveraged different codes of spying, cracking the codes, tactics to outsmart your enemy. I was stuck to the book and eventually finished in 5.5 hours in one sitting. The story was so grilling especially when you know our hero is not like ‘James Bond’ but still he would be victorious, but how? That ensures you don’t leave the book. Story cements the thought that when everything fails family always come to rescue. It sends positive signal that no matter how much enemy is willing to bring down this nation in shatters, there are dedicated officers who are willing to go to any distance even without proper resources to save the countrymen.

I would love to see the script on screen either as film or web-series. Who will be casted in the lead role that would be interesting to see. My rating will be 4 Star. The question is why not 5 Star? Since I think the explicit description on sexual encounters was not required in the story. For me that is the only thumbs down else book is highly recommended, grab your copy to go on thriller ride with this book.

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