55. Book Review 14 – The Escape Route: By Dishant Huria

Book 14 – The Escape Route: By Dishant Huria

I remember American series ‘The Wonder Years’ showing young teens struggling with their emotions. And this book begins with same concept where ‘Ridhima’ and ‘Aarush’ finds ‘Love Emotion’ for each other. And suddenly our main characters land in college, a sudden jump which I could not figure out. And as I speculated I found characters hailing each other with words like ass****, f***** and b****. I guess genre of the book if ‘Fiction – Adult’ so perhaps they are justified. I was made aware how poker is played, how a joint is made and how it feels to be high. I am not sure if genre of book justifies it. And then I found something which really embarrassed me. The detailed description of main lady character playing with herself, I am not sure if that was required.

The story depicts teenage rebels, being not able to cope with stress, infidelity and not able to absorb the shocks of their actions and tries to find an ‘Escape Route’. What I liked about the book, how author has described a moment an event from view point of different characters. What they think at same moment? They are looking for answers to cope up the pressure of making academics, love life and how college politics pulls them down to deeper abyss. Teenage wants to find peace, wants to break free from orthodox thinking and they surrender to addiction as no one wants to give answers but just lecture them with morality. Those who are giving lectures could not justify their own morals. The end is good and usage of f**** word reduces exponentially, as the efforts were more on finding solution by meditation. The actual path which we should take to cope with unanswered questions. There is nothing new in the story, based on love triangle.

What i really want to ask if the story could have been written without so many ‘special F*** words’.  Was there a need to use them in so much abundance? Were ‘explicit events’ could have been avoided? Could they be edited and not published in such form? Well, i leave that to readers! I will give the book 3 stars only for the end, which saved the book in my opinion, where two leading ladies decide to break the ‘Taboo’ of modern society. And tries to find the answers to their problems deep inside them rather than getting trashed further in the world.

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