48. Who is Genius?

I have begun to wonder why only who understands math and science is considered genius. Well he may be since he express in the language which only few can understand. He has managed to build the gaps in our understanding by weaving the knowledge which exists and took our understanding to next level. But what about a simple weaver who said following:

“Ab to jaaye chade sinhasan milyo saarangpaani, Raam Kabeera ek bhaye hain koi na sake pahchani.”

(Now, I have seated on Throne of Lord, I have found Him. God and Kabeer have become one, I have merged with Him to an extent that now no one can differentiate between us.)

 One has only managed to theorize Infinite and ‘Other’ has become infinite himself. Can a mathematician or scientist ever claim this? The difference is one is just imagining and claiming to be Genius and ‘Other’ has achieved it have become humblest being. So, where lays the genuineness?  One set of people love to just theorize ‘Which’ is the only fact and still their theories differ. Their geniusness is just an illusion. And he ‘The Devotee of Formless Lord’ has spoken such words which no ‘Genius’ can decipher with mere imagination.

I pray to ‘Formless – The One’ to have mercy and bless us with humbleness to understand where lays the ‘Geniusness’?

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