45. Book Review 12 – Ineligible: By Bijaya Kumar Mishra

Book – Ineligible: By Bijaya Kumar Mishra – A Love Story

People falling in love and going extra miles to prove they are worthy of love. But I always wander what ‘Love of Mortals’ can achieve? Book gives glimpses of such odds. Thought it is fiction but again fiction is outcome of man’s imagination and some of his experiences. An orphan unprivileged individual battling against his circumstances and time to win love of his life, will he succeed? Grab your copy to know about more about it.

I found the flow of story smooth and short read. The language is simple. There are incidents in stories which will bring smile on your face. The story is predictable like any other Bollywood Movie where poor orphan man is in love with rich privileged woman. But the book avoids violence which I liked. All the characters are handled well by author. I liked ‘Vaibhav – Friend of Main Character’ who impresses with his wits and friendship in hard times. The story switches between optimism and desperation. Author has explored week side of human consciousness in times of desperation which is emerging as truth of current times. And it was good to see that author has not encouraged such things in his story via his main characters who eventually realize that it was not good to go near such things even during ‘Tough Times’. The message of being optimistic in every moment of life and not taking extreme step of killing oneself is handled well. You never know when tables can turn so keep trying. The climax is good; you may think it was evident but the twist you will like for sure.

Author has over done in showing wretched condition of main character. Before declaring the love of main characters for each other author should have built the character of Sahil. Simply because, why any lady should fall in love with anyone who is poor, seems to be addictive? Cover could have been more bright considering Love Fictions requires a flashy outlook. More thrill could have been added and some of the ideas seemed ‘Déjà vu’.

Based on all this I will give 3.75 Stars to book. The book will keep you attached to itself. Good luck to author!!!

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