44. Where Are We?

The eyes have seen enough, but still they crave for more. A man is not satiated with insult of other fellow being. What makes blood so different that a man enjoys when it spills out of other man’s body. Well, why a human has become like that? The question can be rephrased as “Is human supposed to be like that?” Here my intentions are just to suggest human beings are designed with flaws if not physical then definitely psychological. No matter what we do these limitations don’t ever seem to leave us. Though our horizons have expanded rapidly yet we are encountering issues related to our own existence as Species. And some of these issues have become so intense that we are responsible for challenging our own limits beyond our control. Either we don’t want to look at them, suggesting we have decided to remain ignorant, or we don’t know about them, suggesting no one has touched them ever. Well, I won’t completely agree with second line of reasoning that ‘No One Has Touched Them’. We have some how learnt to push them as long as possible and one day, I am sure, we all will be repenting our actions.

Considering present scenarios, if we don’t see them, then it only means we are not willing to look at them. Hence, somewhere in our hidden psychology as a community we have buried them by putting tons of dust made up of our ignorance. It seems, we started alone, came together to develop civilizations and again we are heading to loneliness. Once, we feared to live as deserters and now we have forced by our own actions to live in aloofness among each other.

Ask a simple question to a stranger, “Do I know you?” And I am sure probability of denial is the highest. Perhaps, he will not pay any attention to your questions or you won’t take initiative since you already know the answer. But again do we really know??? That is one amazing aspect of human psychology. We accept those explanations which we have begun to believe since there seems nothing tangible beyond them. And sooner or later they turn out to be just fallacies. But before that realization, they leave such an explosive impact that differences between two humans, belonging to same species, confide them in a “Big Space of Aloofness”.

The boundaries have become so stringent that humanity has almost begun to implode. We are collapsing under the pressure of our own deeds. And still we don’t want to face such issues. What are these issues? Well the answer is:

“The biggest issue is how we have made ourselves to evolve.”

Again, the next question is, “Can we really control our evolution?” Well, we can control our evolution to some extent. The good example is that humans are spread almost everywhere on globe irrespective of their corresponding environment. Skills have been developed to adapt and they have provided the flexibility to survive in extreme climates. The expansion of human on this planet suggests that we have managed to control the evolution partially if not completely. Also, nature supports with its resources when our actions are directed towards ‘Positive Evolution’. And the day we engage ourselves in activities which either speeds up our Evolution (more than the desired rate) or we head towards ‘Sick Evolution’, nature strikes back with disaster.

Till now, I have asked illusive sounding questions. So to answer them let me start with first human Adam (first human suggests that no one was present in his vicinity to guide him), who was all alone, surprised and almost unknown about his surroundings. Was he frightened? Well, a single human exposed to tough environment, is bounded to be frightened. But I think, ‘Confusion’ will be a better word to describe his mental state. He is so primitive that he does not know how to react so how can he understand or recognize the fear. The emotion is in his mind. He observes it but still he lacks the proper channel, as he has never been exposed to such events, to execute the actions like hiding himself from danger which can maximize his chances of survival. So ideally he should not worry about dangers but still he avoids them and tries to over come blockages. Well, how it can be possible? It does not go with logic of reasoning. If some one does not know what to do, how he still manages to make out something from nothing. In case of first human the answer is Evolution. So, he was born with the instinct to evolve which helped him and also still helping us all to grow in every possible dimension.

The instinct to evolve has laid down the foundation of our growth as species. Like, Adam when he came in contact with other human Eve, he realized that though he could survive better living alone but still he lacked some key things which were only exhibited by Eve. To add to his reasoning, he would have deduced that together they could share specific duties based on their abilities and skills. And hence, the overall burden on each other could be reduced tremendously.

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