43. Pinnacle of Spiritual Content

When I say to myself, I will try to become better person than what I am; I accept that I am lagging. I have to give up lies I have been telling to myself.
But I become aggressive when someone tells me about becoming better person. I feel hurt and all the promises I have made to myself to become better person just wither away.
I don’t want any records of my weakness in record book. But what about ‘That’ which is logging every action of mine irrespective of whether they are active or passive.
That is Spiritual Content. It is not tangible and hence we don’t feel it’s decay unlike a tissue which causes pain when it is destabilized. But chaotic ‘Spiritual Content‘ hurts a lot when we do introspection. It is same chaos which does not let us cogitate in silence since we come across such demonic entities which are our self images raised because of our own devilish tendencies. So, our efforts should be to keep raising the ‘Spiritual Content‘ to highest level of awareness. That is ‘True Awakening‘. And what is the pinnacle  of ‘Spiritual Content’:

“Kabir Man Nirmal Bhaya Jaise Ganga Neer, Pachee Laaga Hari Phire Kahat Kabir Kabir.”

(O Kabir! My mind has become so soft, so pure like water of river Ganges, that now The One Formless Lord comes after me calling my name – Kabir, Kabir.)

And where are we? Can we get to such stage in this life or any other? May God Bless Us!!!

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