42. Book Review 11 – Urban Insanity: By Saheba Atal

Book 11 – Urban Insanity: By Saheba Atal

Words you write on piece of paper tells lot about you. And that’s why wise people say, choose your words cautiously. Well, Urban Insanity speaks lot about author. She is empathetic, bold, rational and does not fear to express. All these traits help a person to grow in the dimension she has tried to put in forward in her book. So, I am happy to see author has put substantial efforts to bring it out.

It was good to see author has used the stories which urban mentality of modern times understand. Sometimes you have to use same thoughts to make people understand what is correct and what is not. Author has put in stories from different geographies of the planet. It definitely tells no matter where humans live basis problems are same, so kudos to author for highlighting it crisply.

Book begins with the Craving Heart. That’s what we are at lower planes, just mundane desires. Author tries to convey the message with very aggressive story of a married man who loses his focus in marriage and look out for more adventure. Unfortunately, this is trending, an act of infidelity, in modern society, an urban insanity. But I disagree with author on one point, if an individual is at higher plane he/she should have courage to call wrong a wrong. If he/she does not oppose assuming it does not impact me and I am living in higher planes, then it is selfishness even a bigger infidelity.

Book continues further with other chapters and they all are linked together. Believe me, sit down and introspect and you will find them connected. Once you rise above desire, you want to understand different relationships, you set goal to reach higher, pursuing such goals you will surely look like fools to other, your outlook with change as you will be focusing inside, all beings will appear equal, there will be flow of emotions, every moment will feel crazy and you will begin to understand the web of Karma.

In initial chapters’ author has used stories to convey the crux which I really liked but I am not sure why in later chapters I could not find them. I guess readers may lose the interest in later chapters, but I did not. Reading book gives impression that book has feminist tone. Well, I would say tone is balanced and I rest this point by quoting a point from book.

“Behind every successful woman there is man and he is father, who encourages her to achieve the best in her life.”

I found book the accumulation of knowledge by author and being weaved by rationality and her observation. When author say mother is origin of life, it sounds rationally correct. But real deep experience would convey, mother is the best medium to support origin of life. Such comprehension comes when you experience deep inside your consciousness. After all we need to know our mind. Once we know the mind then we don’t need to express since there is nothing left for same.

Do I recommend the book? Yes, why not but you need to read it slowly. You just cannot rush since such books require patience. Why? Because they are pure experiences and rationality tell us two individuals are different. You need to dwell in authors boot and you will really appreciate it. My rating will be 4 stars. Reason, you feel, you understand, you just need to go deeper inside your consciousness and try to answer coming from your soul rather than the rationality of world. Good Luck!!!

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