41. Book Review 10 – The Super Hero Soul: By Dilip Bathija

Book 10 – The Super Hero Soul: By Dilip Bathija – Self Help Book

Why you should become Super Hero? Before you answer that you need to realize that a super hero is hidden in you. Once you understand your potential you will surely able to achieve the glory. And that’s what the book is about.

Book starts with the positive vibes conveying we need to work on betterment and that has been the journey of human evolution. Author has been defensive in the book by saying that the book may not offer anything new which we don’t know. And I appreciate the author’s honest acceptance  But I found concept of ‘maintaining journal’ and ‘inspired actions’ good. Yes, book may be predictable but it covers almost all the aspects to achieve success. It mainly focuses on professional success which may be extended to spiritual life. Author has done great research in compiling the book and weaved with his thoughts and experience of being an entrepreneur. He has used the quotes from various leaders from different fields. These quotes are apt, used well and gives a rationality to author’s words. Author asks you to stop cribbing over trivial losses, overcome the past, ignore comparing with others, find something positive in adverse conditions, make pains your strength, find purpose, embed virtues like humbleness, content and then achieve success by being enthusiastic about your hard work. Book also asks readers that being successful is great but what matters is what you do after being successful.

The language is very simple, examples provided are ok and readers should be able to connect. The cover is soothing. Author has quoted very few words from Indian Legends. I believe real ‘Spiritual Knowledge’ comes from India. And by not quoting ‘Indian Greats’ more often in the work may limit the scope of book only to materialistic success.  My rating is 3.5 Stars. It is good read. Wishing author many more books like this to keep motivating masses to achieve their dream.

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