40. Book Review 9 – They Go to Sleep: By Saugata Chakraborty

Book – They Go to Sleep: By Saugata Chakraborty – Collection of Short Stories

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Short stories are meant to convey a lot in few words. And it requires some writing skill to do justice with them. When I started reading the book I was impressed by author’s prowess of conveying the message. I think author’s writing style is tailor-made for thriller stories. He keeps his readers guessing and twists in stories are good. If you miss one line, you may miss the twist so you have to remain focused. That is the challenge with short stories and in few stories I felt author has not able to justify all his characters. The language may be little difficult for readers who loves to read fiction. But I loved it since author did not compromise quality of words in his work. I think few stories had potential of full novel and author missed the trick by writing them as short stories.

Brief review of all stories:

  • What’s in Name: The end will make you smile. I loved the end.
  • The Short Lives of Sazia Sultan: This is good story but it is a bit predictable.
  • The Other Side: This story can be part of TV Serials like ‘Ek Kahani’.
  • The Man Who Sold His Gods: Here author missed the trick, this could have been complete thriller novel. Being written as short story, I guess all the characters are not justified.
  • Aperture: This is good story and feels like documentary as if everything is happening in front of eyes. So, I loved it.
  • It Was Time: The story is cryptic, shortest in the collection but end gives you some chill.
  • Rare: It brings out the one of the dark side of human conscious.
  • Payback: The rise and fall in politics; more like a Bollywood Script.
  • Man of Letters: Story based on future with human touch.
  • Blowing in The Wind: The longest story, too many characters so a bit challenge to remember all. The end may give you goosebumps.
  • Six Days, Seven Lives: This could have been a full complete novel. Initially I was not sure what the story is about but by the end I loved it.
  • They Go To Sleep: The title of the book. Again this could have been a full complete novel. The story finished before I could enjoy the complete plot.

I loved the cover of the book and I was in love with as soon as I received the book. The packing was awesome. But a note to publisher there are minor editing issues and in my copy the ink was bloated at few pages. Based on all this I will give 4 Stars to book. If you love to read cryptic and thriller stories; if you can absorb lot in few words, you should go for the book. Looking forward to some thriller stories in novel form from author and I believe they can be real hit.

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