27. Duality – Part 1

Standing at beach, where water and land meets, I could not fail to wonder – how ‘this’ is possible. ‘This’ is just a word signifying association with many thoughts. But the questions I was asking myself were: Why all the water lying in front of me cannot quench my thirst? Is water coming to grab land or land is surrendering to water? I was not looking for scientific answers like sea water is saline thus it is not fit for drinking; or majority of Earth crust is water and where land gradient is zero or negative near ocean land will submerge into water. I always knew these reasons. But I was looking for deeper meaning. After all, those questions struck me even when I knew reasons for them. The already known reasons were not good enough to ease me. This simply meant my soul was looking for answers and it popped up such questions in my mind.

So I had answers but not complete one. I knew but still I was ignorant. My knowing was a just a mirage. Whatever I had in my knowledge base was superficial. It was like ‘saline water’ which could not satiate my thirst. And then I bowed down to ‘Knowledge of Ocean – Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’ with all the gratitude, like land surrendering to water. And ‘All Merciful Guru’ grabbed my hand like water grabbing the land. And one question is answered that without surrender nothing can be achieved. You may be ‘Mount Everest’ still mortals can capture you. But once you are submerged in ocean of knowledge no mortal can gauge the treasures and depth.

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