17. Question on AMAfeed: About Next Book

Question:What kinds of books do you plan on writing next?

Answer By TDS: Well Infinity is like a chocolate. More you eat (comprehend) it, more you desire it. Chocolate will bloat you but Infinity makes you humble. Just imagine how you will feel at shores of ocean with vast water lying in front of you and you are watching it in silence. You will be humbled and want to be a part of it. Well, infinity is ocean of knowledge. What will it bless you with only it knows. In water ocean you still can gauge pearls but in ocean of knowledge what will you get you never know. You may return with null, but it is still an experience. So, what I plan to write depends upon success of book. If people are willing to read such work and use it for self help, I will keep writing on similar topics. But if they are not then I am in state of content.

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