109: Life is Responsibility

This will sound little strange, that how life can be a responsibility? Ninety Nine percent of people believe that life is enjoyment. Yes, that is misconception since most of us are driven by senses and try to gratify them. The urge to maximize the gratification deluded us to believe that life is only enjoyment.

But, the remaining one percent have a different believe since they don’t believe anymore. Yes, they are experiencing life as enjoyment. Thus they don’t run for gratification in life, it comes to them. Is it not weird? We all run for it and even then we fail to grab all. But people not running for fun and even then getting it WOW. So what are they doing to make it possible? Before we get into the real answer, I will like to say that it is not about doing and understanding. It is about understanding and doing. From where the understanding comes only they can answer and they can comprehend. The simple protocol to be understood is that ‘Life Is Responsibility’. But unfortunately it is not the easiest one to put in actions. We are responsible towards the entity WHICH gives us the understanding. That entity can be named or called as anything (According to Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji):

“Koi Bole Raam Raam, Koi Khudae”

(Some says Raam, Some Says Khuda)

Our actions have to be focused on becoming ‘A More Responsible Individual’. That’s why Lord Krishna says in Gita:

“Surrender everything, even your actions to ME.”

Responsibility also means to do one’s duty which he is assigned to perform in this world. If I am student, I am responsible to educate myself in best possible way. If I am living with my family, I am responsible to take care of them.

Understanding can give you a thrust but only actions performed only after such understanding can take you at such state that Life does not remain only as enjoyment, it becomes responsibility to achieve BLISS.

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