108: Sikh: Has Meaning Changed in Digital Era? – Part 10

Sikh: Has Meaning Changed in Digital Era? – Part 10
Establishing ‘Jyot – The Light of Baba Nanak’ in Dhan Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji, Paatshahi 7 conveyed to whole mankind that age has nothing to do with ‘The Spiritual Greatness’. It’s all about virtues, surrender which take precedence over age. Same have been conveyed by earlier Paatshahi’s.
Dhan Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji, ‘Bala Guru’, sitting on Baba Nanak’s Throne. What kind of blissful environment He would have created? A tender age face radiant with Glow of Supreme, that would have been out of this eternity. A smile would have taken away all the worries and yes it still does that today. Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib, catch the glimpse of The Great Guru, and His smile will eradicate all sins, worries and disease. It will burn all the doubts which will make an individual say:
“Shri Guru Harkrishan Dhiyaye Jis Ditthe  Sab Dukh Jaaye.”
(Meditate on Dhan Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji, by His Grace all sorrows are eradicated.)
Bala Guru, hold a special place in heart of every Sikh, The Follower of Teachings of Baba Nanak’s House, The Guru Ghar. He touched heart with His tenderness, when He would have raised His hands, soft hands with Grace of Baba Nanak, blessed by power of The One, had all the softness of eternity to teach. And He ensured, no matter how much the world is in grip of epidemic Sikh has to roam with free will under HIS Grace to help others.
For others it was surprise how kid can attain such status which they could not attain in years. But when Paatshahi 8 decides to bless who in the eternity can understand His ways. And same He showed in the Panjokhra Sahib, where egoist learnt the lesson hard way, but it was blessing in disguise for them.
He, Who was destined to Prophesize Baba Bakala, did not give His ‘Darshan’ to ‘Malech’. He obeyed Paatshahi 7 words, Who told Him never to meet Aurangzeb. After all he was going to behead Paatshahi 8 Grandfather. He kept blessing mortals in grip of epidemic. And knowing that The One is calling Him, He left for HIS Mansion and left a test for HIS Sikhs to find The True Guru, Baba Bakala.
TO BE CONTINUED – End of Part 10

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