105. Book Review 25 – Curse of Suspicion: By Dr. Sujay Kantawala

Book Review – Curse of Suspicion: By Dr. Sujay Kantawala

It is well known concept in Indian Culture that ‘Karma’ always return. And suspicion kills happiness. Book uses both these points to well effect. A lawyer gripped by suspicion goes to extreme limits only at the end regretting his actions. Yes, Karma returns for him, main character Duryodhan, when he find himself alone at the end of his life journey.

The story is webbed around how an individual is deluded by the evidential proof? How he builds a plot to give his suspicion a devilish plan? All court drama is very well described and reader gets an insight what it means to have credible proof to call a suspect a guilty. Story also highlights where our society is heading. What matter to people is only ‘self’ and it is turning them to emotionless individuals. The relations are only meaningful if they help you to save yourself else you can just dump them. How the youth accused of petty crimes is being treated? But still there are people who do their best to bring them back to main stream. The language is simple. It is good effort by author to bring everything together and put them in a story.

I felt the real genre of the book should be ‘Fiction – Drama’ rather than ‘Fiction – Crime Thriller’. I was expecting more thrillers and goose bumps. There are few loop holes in the story which I thought author could have handled well, like the special power of Jeet. It would have been a bonus if a brief would have been given about it. The story has multiple characters and that weakens the plot. Over all I give 3 Stars to the book.

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