103. Sikh: Has Meaning Changed in Digital Era? – Part 9

Sikh: Has Meaning Changed in Digital Era? – Part 9
Dhan Shri Guru Har Rai Ji, disowned His son, Raam Rai, who changed the actual words of Gurbaani only to impress Emperor. Raam Rai action was intentional, infact he showed ‘Spiritual Powers’ to just to win worldly accolades. Paatshahi 7 continued to show ‘Guru Ghar Followers’ that Gurbaani is eternal and miracles just to impress masses have no place in ‘Guru Ghar’. Even Paatshahi 2 turned away His face from ‘Baba Amar Das Ji’ when He made the rain happen*. But the difference was Baba Amar Das Ji was driven by emotions for His Guru and could not see the dishonor of His Guru, Who left for forest being forced by villagers. And Raam Rai did it just to gain favors and ‘matter’ of Emperor. And Paatshahi 7 enforced again that no relation, no entity, the universe has to offer to an individual can supercede Gurbaani and miracles are forbidden.
Paatshahi 7 heart was so soft that He helped brother of Emperor whom Regime had declared ‘Baaghi – The Revolter’. Helping so called such convict meant serious repercussions. But Paatshahi 7, dyed in The Lord Color helped him. How could an individual seeking help, return empty handed from ‘Baba Nanak’s Door’?
Such a tender heart was outcome of teachings Paatshahi 6 gave to Baba Har Rai Ji, when he accidentally trampled plants while walking in garden. That left such a deep impact on Baba Har Rai’s Ji consciousness that He continued to preach same by His actions as Guru.
Paatshahi 7, showered such grace that Baba Har Krishan Ji was honored with Baba Nanak’s Throne. Paatshahi 7, gave a clear message that Peaks of Spirituality, is not bounded by age. The knowledge is eternal, it comes from ‘The One – The Formless – The Prabh of Baba Nanak’ and since HE does not distinguish between two individuals HIS grace can transcend on any one, the age does not matter. It is believed that Paatshahi 7 gave hint that Baba Har Krishan Ji would be  next Guru. When Sangat asked Him the question, He said who practices the Gurshabad in such a way that his attunement is not disturbed by any world pain and pleasure, and he utters The Gurbaani in such way that all the things, the surroundings feels the impact (softened and blessed) is bound to become the next Guru. And Baba Har Krishan Ji was found to be ‘The One’ Who practiced The Gurshabad in such way. Well, Paatshahi 7 sensed when Baba Har Krishan Ji was ready He blessed Him with Baba Nanak’s Throne. And thus Sikh bowed down to Paatshahi 8, Nanak The Eighth – Dhan Shri Guru Har Krishan Ji.
Note: *Shri Asht Gur Chamatkar – By Bhai Veer Singh Ji
TO BE CONTINUED – End of Part 9

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