101. The Grace

There is no living being who is without ‘The Grace’. Show me one without it and I will bow down to him. No living form, so far known to humans, can sustain the status quo forever i.e. live a life of eternity. It is undeniable and un-falsified fact. Still the instincts to survive against all odds play a pivotal role in the existence. But is it justified to hold merely instincts responsible for survival? What about all the hard work tissues perform to keep us vibrant?
I suggest just focusing on your breath. In the beginning perhaps an individual will not realize anything unusual. But eventually he will hear a grunting sound . At that moment he will understand that breathing which was considered effortless process is really a battle; the struggle of body to survive, to live on. Once body withers away to an extent to continue with the tussle the result is self-evident. All the endeavors of living cells are bound to fail at a moment, the very moment when the consciousness leaves behind just dust and ashes. And such struggle is supported by ‘Grace’.

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