100. Sikh: Has Meaning Changed in Digital Era? – Part 8

Sikh: Has Meaning Changed in Digital Era? – Part 8
Prithi Chand was convinced that Paatshahi 5 would remain childless and eventually his son will sit on ‘Throne of Baba Nanak’. He and his wife kept on taunting Mata Ganga Ji about same. But ‘The Formless’ Has His Own Ways. Their taunts made Mata Ganga Ji to approach Paatshahi 5. Many would think that she would have been emotionally hurt and touched by taunts, but I believe the only reason she would have approached Paatshahi 5, since being a devotee of ‘Guru Ghar’ she could not watch Sikhism to be lead by thugs and evil. And then something happened which had never happened, Dhan Shri Guru Hargobind Ji, Paatshahi 6, manifested in physical form, by the blessings of ‘One of The Greatest Devotee’ of ‘Guru Ghar’, ‘Baba Buddha Ji’. When did it ever happen in human history when All Powerful Guru honored His Beloved Sikh and his words?
Dhan Shri Guru Hargobind Ji, The Greatest Warrior with heart filled with only compassion. When He covered face of Painde Khan, with His Shield who was lying mortally wounded after he attacked The Guru, He showed to everyone the true meaning of ‘Nirvair – One Without Enemity’. In human history, did we get to see such example where a leader of one clan shows compassion to soldier from enemy camp? But Paatshahi 6 this act was exemplary, He led by example how His Sikh has to act in battlefield. If enemy attacks defend and fight but a wounded enemy deserves compassion, not atrocity.
Paatshahi 6, in Fort of Gwalior, did not leave without imprisoned kings being poisoned by Imperial Regime. He chose others freedom over His Own. The Defender of Meek, The Bearer of ‘Miri and Piri – The Two Swords’, The Establisher of ‘Akal Takht’, The Greatest Warrior, All Powerful Guru, showed to everyone that ‘Guru Ghar’ has only love and compassion for whole humanity. He prophesized the Greatest Act of Martyrdom by Paatshahi 9 and Great Valor to be shown by Paatshahi 10, honored Dhan Shri Guru Har Rai Ji with ‘Throne of Baba Nanak’. The message Paatshahi 6 gave Paatshahi 7, be humble be soft but be ready for war by asking Him to keep cavalry of 2500.
TO BE CONTINUED – End of Part 8

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